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Mission Statement

Quality, Reliability, Responsibility

A motto that Jess Smith and Sons adheres to with regards to serving our customers. It is our guarantee and dedication to detail that builds trust and long lasting relationships. These relationships along with constant new and maturing ones have enabled our company to grow year after year.

Consistent, even running and excellent quality are ensured in each of our shipments. All of our cotton is genuine grower direct which makes us quite unique and different from other shippers. Our contracts are made directly with the farmers allowing us to hand select specific bales to meet the customer’s needs. Our multi-year grower commitments allow us to offer our partners long term contracts that help them with their strategic planning.  With these special grower contracts, we are able to control the chain from planting, ginning, warehousing, quality control and shipping.  We only deal with selected and approved gins and growers. Our farmers are financially the strongest, which allows them to spend the money to produce a quality crop. They farm large acreage on rich soils, have the latest state of the art farming equipment, keep their fields clean of any litter to prevent contamination, spray for insects in a timely manner to eliminate stickiness, always make the highest yields and produce the finest quality cotton. Most importantly, each grower must pass inspection or they are not admitted into our marketing program. We have field personnel that inspect each lot to make sure the farmer is adhering to the strict program.

To ensure reliability, we lab test each bale for quality, contaminants and shade variation. The bale, if passed, then moves on to our hand classers for final approval and certification. If the bale does not stand up to our standard test requirements, it is removed. Our customers feel more comfortable with these strict stages of testing over the computer ship method many other shippers use.

It is our responsibility to provide our customers with not only the best quality, but the best service in the business. We are able to provide our customers with tested samples, HVI lists, types, description or green card sales. We draw on our exclusive database of customer requirements to ensure the quality cottons we are supplying will satisfy their final product. We also have a very prestigious customer appreciation program where by one can see exactly which field, which grower, which gin, and which county his cotton actually came from.  With ownership of many warehouses, we can guarantee timely deliveries to all our international friends.

In 2009, Jess Smith & Sons was the only cotton marketer invited to participate in the US-China Economic & Trade Cooperation Forum, featuring the Chairman of the National People’s Congress in China.  Jess Smith & Sons signed a multi year contract at the time of the event.