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California Almond Varities  

While there are over 30 different almond varieties in production across California, the following are the most widely planted.  
The number one variety in California. Soft shell with a medium to large nut size.The trees are large and easy to harvest, normally at the end of August. This variety is recognized for its quality and flavor. High demand from buyers.   
Found in many orchards with Nonpareil due to its pollinizing characteristics. Produces a medium to smaller size nut in a soft shell. The medium size trees are harvested about 25 days after Nonpareil variety, although blooms around the same time.
The nuts from this variety are medium to larger size in a paper thin shell. These trees bloom right after Nonpareil and are normally harvested 7 days after the same variety. The trees grow to a medium size and are recognized as a good substitute for Nonpareil.
This is a late harvest variety, normally at least a month after Nonpareil harvest, despite blooming only a few days after. These trees produce large nuts in a well sealed hard shell. A high percentage of doubles is a common trait of this variety.
Another later harvest variety, it generally blooms 5 days after Nonpareils, but havests almost one month later. The medium size trees produce a medium to smaller size nut in a hard shell. This variety is recognized as a potential high yielder compared to many others.
These nuts are recognized for their hard shell and strong flavor. They are a late harvest variety, normally at least 30 days after Nonpareil. The Trees large, and the nuts are medium to smaller size and are generally not a blanchable variety.
This variety is harvested around 10 days after Nonpareil and produces a medium size in a hard shell.
This is one of the latest harvest varieties in California. It blooms just after Nonpareil, but harvests at least 40 days after that variety. The nuts are medium to smaller size in a soft shell.